Garden better.

Always grow the right plants with Urbacrop smart sensors.

Powerful Sensors

Smart sensors onboard the Pebble record precise temperature, light, and humidity readings

Sync to Cloud

Pebble readings are sent to the cloud for fast analysis alongside global climate satellite data

Predictive Analysis

State-of-the-art AI is used to predict which plants will do best in your unique microclimate

Invisible Design

The Pebble seamlessly fits into any garden, greenhouse, or indoor growing space

Harness the power of artifical intelligence

Urbacrop AI is our state-of-the-art predictive Artificial Intelligence. It establishes patterns between Pebble sensors and satellite data to define your microclimates and suggests plants that will grow well in them.

The longer you use your Pebble, the better the plant suggestions will become. With Urbacrop you can grow more plants, more often, and with a higher success rate.


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